All visitors must have a valid tribal permit for all activities. Permits can be purchased at Crosby Lodge, Sutcliffe Ranger Station, Jackson's in Spanish Springs and I-80 Smoke Shop in Wadsworth. There are certain areas around the lake that are off limits and closed to the general public. These area's are currently as follows; Needles Area, Anaho Island, Marble Bluff Area, Bee Hives and Pyramid/Stone Mother area. For additional information about restricted areas you can contact the Sutcliffe Ranger Station @ 775-476-1155

*When purchasing permits other than at the Ranger station a convenience fee may be added


**A 10% discount is available for seniors 65 and older (at the time the permit is issued and with a valid ID), Military (with a valid military ID) and Non-Tribal member from another tribe (with a valid tribal ID)

**A $1.00 fee will be added to each permit

Use Permits

Daily Boating - $13.00

Daily Jet Ski - $27.00

Day Use -Daily - $11.00

Day Use - 3 Day - $28.00

Overnight Camping - $16.00                                                                                                                                                

3 Day Overnight Camping - $41.00


Fishing Permits

Daily Fishing - $12.00

2nd Rod - Daily - $12.00

3 Day Fishing - $31.00

3 Day Boating - $33.00


Youth (12-17) Fishing Permits

Daily - $6.00

3-Day - $16.00

Seasonal - $48.00


Seasonal Permits

Fishing - $96.00

Day Use - $90.00

Boating - $104.00

Jet Ski - $216.00