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Welcome! Crosby Lodge is located at Pyramid Lake in northwestern Nevada, about 40 miles from Reno. There’s a wide variety of recreational activities to enjoy. Boaters can take to the warm, salty water for great water skiing, wake boarding or tubing, while fisherman are drawn to the lake for its trophy cutthroat trout. Campers flock to the shores of Pyramid, while day trippers often come for the mere sight of the immense lake in its stark desert surroundings. For insight on the history and culture of the local tribe, visit The Pyramid Lake Museum and Visitors Center located in Nixon, NV approximately 15 miles from Crosby Lodge. The museum is open to...

We would like to share these pictures we found of Fred Turner.

We lost Fred and his two sons, Bill and Frank to a horrible accident.

You all will be missed!

fred turner memoriam 11-29-14.jpg - 284.90 Kb


clayton sterling 16 0oz 32in 12-6-14 shore pic.jpg - 3.52 Mb

Clayton was fishing from shore at the Cattle Guard using a green and black spoon

zeb parker 11-17-14-r9.jpg - 1.11 Mb

Zeb was fishing from shore at the Marina and was using a Black Mahalo Nymph

michael peckham 10-21-14 - fish of the week.jpg - 177.08 Kb

Mike was fishing Hell's Kitchen using a Gvf Watermelon Draggin Lure

donny ross 11-15-14.jpg - 7.05 Mb

Donny was fishing from shore at Thunderbolt Bay using a white and purple pocket submarine

A big shout out to our young anglers - GREAT JOB!

carlos tuff ortero jr. 9 .8oz 29in 12-13-14.jpg - 7.48 Mb

bryan herbst 11-16-14.jpg - 7.27 Mb

santino ferrigno 11 0oz 29in 10-19-14.jpg - 6.80 Mb

gabe lorenzetti 13 2oz 32in 10-5-14.jpg - 306.45 Kb

reina  bella williams 11 6.4oz 28in 10-12-14.jpg - 7.53 Mb

Opening was phenomenal.....We're excited to see what the rest of the season brings!

peter thompson 17 2.4oz 33in 11-2-14.jpg - 8.28 Mb

tom mortensen 17 14.4oz 34in 10-11-14.jpg - 7.38 Mb

rick lawson 21 2.2oz 34.5in 10-18-14.jpg - 7.02 Mb

ryder pullman 24 3.2oz 36in 10-12-14.jpg - 6.24 Mb

tim zahniser 20 2.4oz 35in 10-7-14.jpg - 7.84 Mb

quincy conn 17 .8oz 32.5in 10-10-14.jpg - 6.90 Mb

dennis puccinelli 15 lbs 12oz 32in 10-3-14.jpg - 7.11 Mb

todd mccadden 19 lbs 13.6oz 34in 10-3-14.jpg - 7.35 Mb

rich munster 16 lbs 7.2oz 32.5in 10-2-14.jpg - 6.85 Mb

tony peretti 17 lbs 6.4oz 33.5in 10-2-14.jpg - 1.42 Mb

larry nunez 15 lbs 12.8oz 34in 10-1-14r1.jpg - 1.17 Mb


Congratulations to Adam Garcia who was granted a World Record Certificate for his 21 pound catch:

adam garcia 3-2-14 3.jpg - 2.02 Mbadam garcia record certificate 2013-2014 season.jpg - 4.23 Mb


Peter Thompson with his record 25 pounder:

peter thompson 25 4oz 35in 2-19-14web.jpg - 4.94 Mb


Jeff Morris who won our 2014 President's day derby

jeff morris 21 9.6oz 35in 2-9-14web.jpg - 137.43 Kb


As we all get ready for the start of another season we take the time to remember Al Miller.

Watch over us all dear sir, you are missed:

al - website.jpg - 3.60 Mb


wfwp-unlocking pyramid lake.jpg - 349.51 Kbwfwp-unlocking pyramid lake-1.jpg - 161.38 Kb


****DVD On Sale Now in the Gift Shop - $24.95****

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Stop by and enjoy the great atmosphere at the Crosby Lodge

You can sit at the bar and order an ice cold drink or some great food. Play some slots or billiards and listen to some live music.Throuout the season you can enjoy many special events both indoor and outdoor.

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Camping & Lodging

We have RV camping with full hookups

We also have many onsite trailers for rent, along with cabins and rooms in the motel. You can see rates and some interior pictures if you click on the read more button.

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