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Welcome! Crosby Lodge is located at Pyramid Lake in northwestern Nevada, about 40 miles from Reno. There’s a wide variety of recreational activities to enjoy. Boaters can take to the warm, salty water for great water skiing, wake boarding or tubing, while fisherman are drawn to the lake for its trophy cutthroat trout. Campers flock to the shores of Pyramid, while day trippers often come for the mere sight of the immense lake in its stark desert surroundings. For insight on the history and culture of the local tribe, visit The Pyramid Lake Museum and Visitors Center located in Nixon, NV approximately 15 miles from Crosby Lodge. The museum is open to...

Hey all, Valarie here.  The 2013-2014 trout season is quickly coming to an end and we wanted to thank everyone who shared this amazing time with us!

Please feel free to send us any pictures of your time(s) at Pyramid Lake and of Course Crosby Lodge.  We would love to share your experiences!





collage 1.jpg - 242.31 Kb

collage 1a.jpg - 279.38 Kb


collage 5.jpg - 278.33 Kb

collage 3.jpg - 796.92 Kb

collage 4.jpg - 873.95 Kb

The derbies may be over, but the big ones keep coming!!!

travis schwetzer 17 12.8oz 33in 3-15-14web.jpg - 889.59 Kb

louis varela 19 6.4oz 34.25in 3-11-14web.jpg - 1.19 Mb

Louis was fishing from shore at Rawhide using a black fly

adam garcia 3-2-14 3.jpg - 2.02 Mb

Adam Garcia of Reno, NV with his  21 pound, 6.4oz, 35 inch on 3/2/14

Adam was fishing at the North Nets from a ladder using a Black Marabou Jig

peter thompson 25 4oz 35in 2-19-14web.jpg - 4.94 Mb

Peter was fishing from shore at Rawhide using a bugger!!

brad bugica 23 8.8oz 35.5in 2-18-14web.jpg - 4.16 Mb

Brad was fishing the nets from shore using a black jig

jeremy thiessen 15 8oz 32in 2-21-14shore2.jpg - 2.87 Mb

Jeremy Thiessen fished from a boat at the North Nets using a silver spoon on 2/21/14. His catch weighed in at 15 pounds, 8oz and 32 inches long.

sean bottomley 18 35in 2-22-14web.jpg - 972.47 Kb

sean bottomley 19 35in 2-2-22-14-shorea.jpg - 205.06 Kb

Sean Bottomley with his 18 lb and 19 lb catches on 2/22/14!  Both measured 35in and were caught and released at the Nets


Jeff Morris wins our Presidents Day Derby..

We all had a great time and wish to say "Thank You" to everyone who joined us this year and a big CONGRATS! to all of this year's winners.....


jeff receiving his prize.jpg - 110.40 Kb

jeff morris with his boat.jpg - 143.38 Kb

Pictures courtesy of Scott Strain - Rod Mob Podcast

0118140910.jpg - 939.09 Kb

First Place - Lund Boat, Motor and Trailer


jeff morris 21 9.6oz 35in 2-9-14web.jpg - 137.43 Kb


john eads 17 1.6oz 33.75in 2-16-14web.jpg - 2.89 Mb

John Eads took Second place

dave rials 14 14.4oz 32in 2-8-14web.jpg - 193.53 Kb

Dave Rials finished in THIRD Place



wfwp-unlocking pyramid lake.jpg - 349.51 Kbwfwp-unlocking pyramid lake-1.jpg - 161.38 Kb


****DVD On Sale Now in the Gift Shop - $24.95****

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Stop by and enjoy the great atmosphere at the Crosby Lodge

You can sit at the bar and order an ice cold drink or some great food. Play some slots or billiards and listen to some live music.Throuout the season you can enjoy many special events both indoor and outdoor.

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Camping & Lodging

We have RV camping with full hookups

We also have many onsite trailers for rent, along with cabins and rooms in the motel. You can see rates and some interior pictures if you click on the read more button.

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